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Our Mobile Client is Coming Soon

Play thousands of classic games on the go, iOS, Android and Windows.
By Urgamanix, October 10th 2019

We're busy creating the Arcadious mobile app - a single app containing the complete functionality you expert from a world-class retro gaming system! As you can imagine, trying to cram all those playable games into a app that can run them correctly, have good controls (as well as being compatible with add-on controllers), and give the ability to play with others, is a pretty tall order!

But we're going to develop it piece by piece. So we are happy to announce that coming soon, our version 0.1 will contain the following features:

  • Register and login to an Arcadious account
  • View our complete database of games
  • View information about a particular game

We will probably make the app available for download first, before submitting it to the app store. We appreciate you taking a look at the app and providing your feedback so that we can make suitable improvements in version 0.2!


Comment functionality is coming soon!