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Welcome to Arcadious

Thanks for visiting the site! We'd like to take a second to give you an overview of Arcadious, how it differs from your normal emulation or retro gaming site, and why we think you'll want to stay and play with us! At Arcadious, we want to make retro-gaming simple, easy, fun and valued by all. Our main goal is to create a central, cross-platform app where retro games can be legally purchased, played and enjoyed. On top of all that, we aim to offer additional value and functionality:

All systems, all games, in one app, automatically updated

We constantly update our video-game database with new entries, up-to-date information and reviews. Over time our games database will be the most comprehensive on the net.

Reliable multiplayer, simple configurations, per-game settings

We have rarely seen reliable network play in emulation; we will strive to provide perfect netcode in order to make your multiplayer experiences simple and smooth. In addition, we will auto-configure games for their best settings so you don't have to, and simplify the myriad of options that are usually presented in emulators. We want it to be welcoming for newcomers and older gamers.

Achievements, competitions, unlockables and cheat-protection

From the offset we will offer two modes to play games; a "modern" mode with game states and other difficulty assists activated; and a "retro" mode with save-states disabled, but achievements and highscores enabled! We will use achievements and high-scores to enable official tournaments and other competitions. With all this comes a whole host of unlockables we will provide for completing challenges. We will also come down hard on cheaters who attempt to use memory hacks or other injection methods to gain an unfair advantage in retro mode.

Complete accessibility and support for the retro way of life

We hope to provide a central platform across devices; move from playing on your PC to your console on your sofa. Need to leave the house? Continue the game on your mobile. We also hope to offer full support for game pads and even provide connectors for your classic controllers.

Supporting the Developers

The majority of emulated games are illegal to download and play (with exception to games that are in the public domain or have their copyright expired). We want to offer a way to support those developers - wouldn't it be great if you could pay a small amount of cash to purchase Manic Miner and support Matthew Smith? We are still working out how we will offer options to support the developers - when we are ready to share more we will let you know. Of course, we are also a business, so by supporting developers, you will also be financially supporting us.

Empowering the Retro-Gaming Community

All-in-all, we love retro gaming and emulation as much as all of you. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the feeling of nostalgia; together let's build a global community that plays retro gamesand truly enjoy them in the best way possible.