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SNK Neo-Geo CD

1994 - 4th generation system

The SNK Neo-Geo CD is a home video game console released by SNK Corporation in September 1994. It was the company's second attempt to expand the Neo Geo platform to the home market, following the more expensive Neo Geo AES. Features: CD-ROM based Compatible with Neo Geo AES games Two controller ports Mono audio Region free Limitations: Slow load times for CD games No memory card for saved games Lower quality audio and video compared to AES The Neo-Geo CD offered a cheaper alternative to the AES, with games on CD-ROM instead of cartridges. It was also designed to compete with other CD-based consoles of the time, such as the Sega CD and TurboGrafx-CD. Despite its lower cost and some exclusive titles, the Neo-Geo CD failed to gain significant market share, partly due to its slow load times and lack of memory for saved games. Some popular games for the SNK Neo-Geo CD are: Metal Slug The King of Fighters '94 Samurai Shodown Fatal Fury Special Art of Fighting World Heroes Perfect Real Bout Fatal Fury Last Blade Shock Troopers Baseball Stars 2.