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Thomson TO8

1986 - No generation identified

The Thomson TO8 is a home computer released in France in 1984. It was produced by the French company Thomson SA. Some key features and specifications of the TO8 include: Operating system: Thomson BASIC CPU: Zilog Z80A @ 4 MHz RAM: 64 KB Graphics: 640x400 monochrome resolution Storage: Floppy disk drive (compatible with MSX format) Sound: 3-channel beeper Ports: RGB, composite video output, cassette, RS-232, joystick/mouse The TO8 was aimed at the education market, but also had some popular games and productivity software. It was later succeeded by the TO9, which added a built-in monitor and improved graphics capabilities. The TO8 was widely used in French schools and universities, and was considered a relatively advanced home computer at the time of its release. Some popular games for the Thomson TO8 include: Othello Lode Runner Donkey Kong Pac-Man Prince of Persia Elite Antargis Castle Wolfenstein Manic Miner Lunar Lander. These games showcase the capabilities of the TO8 and demonstrate the variety of experiences that could be had on this computer. They range from classic arcade games to more complex adventures and simulations. The TO8's capabilities allowed for a diverse range of games, although its limitations compared to contemporary home computers meant that it couldn't handle more demanding games.