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1982 - 2nd generation system

The Vectrex was a vector graphics-based home video game console released by General Consumer Electronics (GCE) in 1982. Some key features and specifications of the Vectrex include: CPU: Motorola 68A09 @ 1.5 MHz RAM: 1 KB Graphics: Monochrome vector graphics, built-in 9-inch monitor Storage: Cartridge Sound: 3-channel PSG (Programmable Sound Generator) The Vectrex was unique in that it had a built-in vector graphics display, which allowed for high-quality graphics and smooth animation. This was in contrast to other home consoles of the time, which used raster graphics and required a separate television set for display. The Vectrex was well received by critics and had a small but dedicated following, but it was not a commercial success and production was discontinued in 1984. Despite its short lifespan, the Vectrex has remained a cult classic and is highly regarded by collectors and enthusiasts for its high-quality graphics and innovative design. Some popular games for the Vectrex include: Mine Storm Berzerk Star Trek: The Motion Picture Scramble Armor Attack Cosmic Chasm Web Wars Spike Fortress of Narzod Clean Sweep. These games showcase the strengths of the Vectrex's vector graphics display and demonstrate the variety of experiences that could be had on this console. From classic arcade-style games to more complex simulations, the Vectrex offered a diverse range of gaming experiences. Despite its relatively small library of games, the Vectrex's high-quality graphics and innovative design have cemented its place as a classic of early home gaming.