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Camputers Lynx

1983 - No generation identified

The Camputers Lynx was a home computer released in 1983 by the British company Camputers. It was a popular computer in the UK, and it was known for its advanced graphics capabilities and its compact, portable design. The Lynx was one of the first computers to feature a color LCD screen, which made it ideal for playing games. Some of the most popular games for the Lynx included "Elite," "Pac-Man," and "Repton." The Lynx was also notable for its high-quality sound and its ability to connect to other computers and peripherals, including printers and disk drives. Despite its early success, the Camputers Lynx was eventually discontinued due to increased competition from other home computers, such as the Commodore 64 and the Sinclair ZX Spectrum. Here are some popular games for the Camputers Lynx: Elite Zynaps Rollaball Firelord Spindizzy Switchblade Winter Games Traps 'n' Treasures Underwurlde Super Robin Hood.