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System 573

1998 - No generation identified

The System 573 is an arcade system board developed by Konami and first released in 1999. It was based on the PlayStation hardware and was designed for use in arcade cabinets. The System 573 featured a custom version of the PlayStation hardware that was optimized for use in arcade environments. It was capable of displaying 3D graphics and had built-in support for light guns and other arcade-specific controllers. It also had a built-in security system that prevented the use of unauthorized games. The System 573 was designed for use in Konami's arcade cabinets and was primarily used for rhythm games such as the Bemani series, which includes games like Dance Dance Revolution and Drum Mania. These games were known for their fast-paced gameplay and catchy soundtracks. The System 573 was a popular platform in Japan and Asia, where it was widely used in arcades, but it was not widely adopted outside of these regions. The System 573 was also known for its long-lasting support, it was manufactured and supported by Konami until 2010. The System 573 was a significant arcade platform, it was the first arcade system based on the PlayStation hardware and it was a platform that helped to introduce the rhythm games genre to a wider audience.