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VM Labs Nuon

2000 - 6th generation system

The VM Labs Nuon is a video game platform developed by VM Labs and released in 2000. It was designed as a media platform, it was a standalone player that could play DVD movies, music CDs, and video games. The Nuon featured a custom processor called the NUON chip, which was based on the ARM architecture and was capable of displaying 3D graphics. It also had built-in support for various multimedia formats, such as MP3 audio and DivX video. The Nuon was designed to be a versatile media platform, it was not only capable of playing video games, but also DVD movies, music CDs, and other multimedia content. The Nuon also had a built-in web browser and it was capable of streaming video over the internet. The Nuon had a relatively small library of games, with around 30-35 games released specifically for the platform. Some popular games for the Nuon include: Tempest 3000: A remake of the classic arcade game Tempest. Iron Soldier 3: A mecha game Rayman 2: The Great Escape: A platform game Super Breakout: A classic arcade game Despite its versatility, the Nuon was not a commercial success, it was criticized for its high price, lack of popular games, and its late release, which came at a time when the market was already dominated by more advanced consoles like the Sony PlayStation 2 and the Xbox. VM Labs went bankrupt in 2001 and the Nuon was discontinued. The Nuon is now considered a collector's item and is highly sought after by VM Labs enthusiasts and retro gaming enthusiasts.