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1979 - 2nd generation system

The Intellivision is a home video game console released by Mattel Electronics in 1979. It was a direct competitor to the Atari 2600 and was known for its advanced graphics and sound capabilities, as well as its unique controller design. The controller featured a numerical keypad and a set of action buttons, which allowed for more complex gameplay than the Atari 2600's joystick. The Intellivision was also the first video game console to offer a computer keyboard accessory, which allowed users to play educational and programming games. The Intellivision had a library of over 125 games. Some popular games for the Intellivision include: Major League Baseball: A baseball game that was one of the first sports games for a home console. Space Battle: A space combat game that was one of the first games for the Intellivision. Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack: One of the first casino games for a home console, featuring a realistic card-playing experience. Tron Deadly Discs: A video game adaptation of the popular movie Tron. Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: A role-playing game that was one of the first of its kind for a home console. Utopia: A strategy game where players must manage resources and build a thriving colony on an uninhabited island. Although the Intellivision was not as popular as the Atari 2600, it did have a dedicated fanbase and a number of classic games, but eventually it was discontinued in 1983 due to financial troubles with Mattel.