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VTech Laser 200

1983 - No generation identified

The VTech Laser 200 is a home computer developed by VTech, a Hong Kong-based electronics company, in the early 1980s. The Laser 200 was one of the first home computers available in the United States and it was particularly popular in the educational market. The Laser 200 featured a 6502 CPU and it came with 16 KB of RAM. The Laser 200 had a built-in keyboard, a composite video output and a cassette tape interface for storage. The Laser 200 had a resolution of 40x24 pixels and could display 8 colors. The Laser 200 came with a built-in Basic interpreter and it had a relatively small library of software available, most of it was educational software and games. The Laser 200 was expandable and users could add memory and a floppy disk drive. The Laser 200 was not a commercial success, it was criticized for its high price, lack of software and poor documentation. VTech stopped producing the Laser 200 in the mid-1980s, and it is now considered a collector's item and is highly sought after by enthusiasts and retro computing enthusiasts. Due to the limited release of the computer, the software and games for the Laser 200 are relatively scarce and hard to find.