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Commodore C64

1982 - No generation identified

The Commodore 64 (also known as the C64 or the CBM 64) is a home computer that was released in 1982 by Commodore International. The C64 was one of the most popular home computers of its time, and it remained in production until 1994. The C64 was notable for its advanced graphics and sound capabilities for a home computer of its time, as well as its wide range of software and games. The C64 features a 6502 8-bit CPU, 64 kilobytes of RAM, and a VIC-II video chip that allowed it to display up to 16 colors on screen at once. It also featured a SID sound chip which provided advanced sound capabilities. The C64 was equipped with a built-in keyboard and a cassette tape drive for data storage, later models also included floppy disk drive. The C64 was widely used for gaming, with a large library of software available, including many arcade game ports, and original titles. It was also used for productivity, with a variety of software available for tasks such as word processing, spreadsheets, and programming. The C64 also had a large and active user community, which created and shared their own software and games. The C64 was also popular for its ability to be modified and upgraded. Users could add hardware expansions, such as additional RAM, disk drives, and sound cards, as well as modding the original hardware to improve the sound and video capabilities. The C64's popularity and influence have been such that, it has a dedicated and active community of enthusiasts and users, who continue to use and develop for the platform to this day. Many of the games and software developed for the C64 have been re-released for modern platforms and a number of emulators are also available to run C64 software on modern computers. Overall, the Commodore 64 was a landmark computer that defined an era, with its advanced technology, wide range of software and games, and active user community. It has left a lasting legacy in the world of home computers and gaming. The Commodore 64 had a wide range of games available during its production years, many of which were popular and critically acclaimed at the time. Some notable examples include: California Games: A collection of sports games, including skateboarding, BMX, Surfing, Roller Skating, and Footbag. Elite: A space trading and combat game that was considered groundbreaking for its open-world gameplay and 3D graphics. The Last Ninja: A martial arts action-adventure game that was praised for its graphics, music and gameplay. Impossible Mission: A platform game where the player takes on the role of a secret agent trying to infiltrate a mad scientist's laboratory and stop him from destroying the world. Winter Games: A collection of winter sports games, including Downhill Skiing, Ski Jumping, Bobsleigh, and Speed Skating. Boulder Dash: A puzzle game where the player controls a miner digging through caves to collect diamonds while avoiding obstacles. Pitstop II: A racing game that allowed players to change tires and refuel during a race. Ghost'n Goblins: A side-scrolling action game where the player takes on the role of a knight fighting against hordes of monsters. International Karate: A martial arts fighting game that was known for its smooth animation and challenging gameplay. Turrican: A side-scrolling action game that was praised for its graphics and music. These are just some examples, as the C64 had a large library of games and software available. Many of the games have been re-released on modern platforms, and a number of emulators are also available to run C64 games on modern computers.