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Tomy Tutor & Pyuuta

1982 - No generation identified

The Tomy Tutor and Pyuuta are a pair of home computers that were developed and produced by Tomy, a Japanese toy company. The Tomy Tutor was first released in 1983 and was marketed as a computer for children and beginners. It featured a 6502 CPU, 8 KB of RAM, and a built-in keyboard. It had a small library of games and educational software available and it was also capable of running basic programming languages like BASIC. The Pyuuta was a follow-up model that was released in 1984 and it was a more advanced computer than the Tutor. The Pyuuta featured a 6502 CPU, 16 KB of RAM and an improved keyboard. It also had a built-in cassette drive and a more advanced video output. The Pyuuta was able to run more advanced software and games and also had a more extensive library of games and educational software. Both the Tutor and the Pyuuta were well-received in Japan, but they did not have a significant impact in the international market. Both the Tutor and Pyuuta were compatible with each other and it was possible to use the Pyuuta's more advanced hardware and software on the Tutor. The Tomy Tutor and Pyuuta were among the first home computers to be marketed to children and also among the first home computers in Japan. They were notable for their simplicity and ease of use, making them accessible to a wide audience. Overall, the Tomy Tutor and Pyuuta were interesting computers that aimed to introduce a new generation of users to the world of home computing and programming. They were a big success in Japan but didn't have a large impact on the international market.