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Acorn BBC Micro

1981 - No generation identified

The Acorn BBC Micro is a home computer that was developed and produced by Acorn Computers Ltd in the early 1980s. It was designed to be a home computer and educational tool, and it was widely used in schools and universities throughout the United Kingdom. The BBC Micro featured a 6502 CPU, 32 KB of RAM, and a built-in keyboard. It was equipped with a cassette tape drive for data storage, later models also included floppy disk drive. It had a wide range of ports, including RS-232, and a Centronics parallel port which allowed it to connect to peripherals such as printers, modems and additional storage devices. The BBC Micro was notable for its advanced graphics and sound capabilities for a home computer of its time, as well as its wide range of software and games. It was also known for its high-quality educational software and its inclusion in schools curriculum as a learning tool. It supported the BBC BASIC programming language and also had a large and active user community, which created and shared their own software and games. The BBC Micro was also popular for its ability to be modified and upgraded. Users could add hardware expansions, such as additional RAM, disk drives, and sound cards, as well as modding the original hardware to improve the sound and video capabilities. The BBC Micro's popularity and influence have been such that, it has a dedicated and active community of enthusiasts and users, who continue to use and develop for the platform to this day. Many of the games and software developed for the BBC Micro have been re-released for modern platforms and a number of emulators are also available to run BBC Micro software on modern computers. Overall, the Acorn BBC Micro was a landmark computer that defined an era, with its advanced technology, wide range of software and games, and active user community. It has left a lasting legacy in the world of home computers and education in the UK.