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Creatronic Mega Duck & Cougar Boy

1993 - 5th generation system

The Creatronic Mega Duck and Cougar Boy were handheld electronic games produced by Creatronic, a British company, in the early 1990s. Both devices were similar in design and functionality, and they were part of a line of similar handheld games produced by the company. The Mega Duck and Cougar Boy were simple, monochrome LCD-based games that featured built-in controls and a small screen. They were powered by batteries and were designed to be portable, allowing users to play the games on the go. The games available on the Mega Duck and Cougar Boy were simple and mostly based on arcade games of the time. The Mega Duck had a variety of games such as: Tetris, Snake, Simon, Space Invaders, Pong, and more. The Cougar Boy, on the other hand, had a different set of games: Chess, Checkers, Backgammon, Chinese Checkers, and more. Both devices were not as successful as other handheld game consoles of the time, such as the Game Boy and the Nintendo Game & Watch. They were produced for a short period of time and were mostly sold in the UK and Europe. They are considered by some as a collector's item today and it may be difficult to find one for purchase.