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Elektronika BK-0010-0011M

1984 - No generation identified

The Elektronika BK-0010-0011M is a Soviet home computer developed by the Russian company Elektronika in 1985. It was based on the K1801VM1 microprocessor and was intended as a low-cost home computer for the Soviet market. The BK-0010-0011M featured a built-in keyboard, a cassette tape drive for data storage, and a monitor that could display up to 16 colors. It came with its own Basic interpreter and had a library of software, including games, educational programs, and productivity tools. The computer had a 64Kb of memory which was expandable to 128Kb, it also had a built-in sound generator which was capable of producing simple sound effects and music. The BK-0010-0011M was popular in the Soviet Union and was widely used in schools and universities as well as in the home. It was manufactured until the early 1990s, with around 1.5 million units sold. The computer had a variety of peripherals available such as a printer, a floppy disk drive, and a modem. The BK-0010-0011M also had a wide range of software available, and it was known for its good basic interpreter and a large library of games and educational software. In terms of its technical capabilities, the BK-0010-0011M was similar to home computers of its era like the Commodore 64 and the Sinclair ZX Spectrum. It was a significant machine for its time, it was a low-cost home computer that helped to introduce the personal computer to a wide range of people in the Soviet Union. There were a variety of games released for the Elektronika BK-0010-0011M during its lifespan. Some popular games for the BK-0010-0011M include: Logistics: A strategy game where players must manage a transportation company and deliver goods to different destinations. Adventure: A text adventure game, where players must explore a fantasy world and solve puzzles to complete the game. Zorki: A series of text adventure games, that were very popular in the Soviet Union, it was based on the popular Zork series of games developed by Infocom. Tetris: A block-matching puzzle game, it was one of the most popular games for the BK-0010-0011M, and it was a port of the popular game created by Alexey Pajitnov. Checkers: A classic board game that was implemented on the BK-0010-0011M, it was one of the most popular games for the computer. Space Invaders: A Space shooting game, it was a port of the popular arcade game created by Taito. Chess: A classic board game that was implemented on the BK-0010-0011M, it was one of the most popular games for the computer. These are just a few examples, but there were many other games released for the Elektronika BK-0010-0011M, including sports games, educational games, and many other genres of games. The majority of the games were developed by Soviet programmers and were distributed via cassette tapes and floppy disks.