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Exidy Sorcerer

1978 - No generation identified

The Exidy Sorcerer is a home computer that was manufactured by Exidy Inc. and first released in 1978. It was one of the first home computers to be sold in the United States and was intended to be a low-cost alternative to other home computers of the time such as the Commodore PET and the TRS-80. The Exidy Sorcerer featured a Z80 microprocessor and had a total of 4K of RAM. It came with a built-in keyboard and had a tape drive for data storage. It also featured a video output that could display text in upper and lower case, as well as a variety of graphics modes. It was capable of running the basic and some games. The Exidy Sorcerer was not as successful as other home computers of the time, and it was soon discontinued by Exidy in 1981 due to lack of sales. Today, the Exidy Sorcerer is considered a vintage and rare computer and its software and hardware can be difficult to find. Some games that were released for the Exidy Sorcerer include: Invasion of the Zombie Monsters, Sorcerer Adventure, Target: Invasion, Sorcerer's Apprentice, Bowling, Space War, Lunar Lander, Blackjack, Hangman, Star Trek, It's worth noting that since the Exidy Sorcerer was not a widely popular computer, the number of games released for it was relatively small and not all of them have been preserved. Additionally, there might be some games that were created by third-party developers that were not officially endorsed by the manufacturer.