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Super Cassette Vision

1984 - 3rd generation system

The Super Cassette Vision (known as the SVC in Japan) is a second generation home video game console produced by Epoch Co. in Japan and released in 1984. It was a cartridge-based system that used cassette tapes for game storage. The Super Cassette Vision featured a Z80 microprocessor and had a total of 8K of RAM. It had a built-in sound generator that could produce 3 channels of sound. The console also featured a built-in controller with a joystick, a fire button and a pause button. The graphics were in a resolution of 256x192 pixels, with a palette of 64 colors. The Super Cassette Vision was released exclusively in Japan and it had a library of around 36 games, mostly developed by Epoch. Some of the games included Super Cobra, Pro-Wrestling, and Galaxian. Despite its limited release and game library, the console was considered to be quite advanced for its time and it had some success in Japan. The Super Cassette Vision was discontinued in 1985 and today is considered a rarity and a collector's item, due to its limited release. Some games that were released for the Super Cassette Vision include: Super Cobra, Pro Wrestling, Galaxian, Chack'n Pop, Challenger, Circus Charlie, Cosmic Avenger, Dig Dug, Donkey Kong, Exerion, Field Combat, Galaga, Lode Runner, Maze, Moon Alien-Part 2, Pac-Man, Penguin-Kun Wars, Pooyan, Scramble, Space Invaders Part II. It's worth noting that since the Super Cassette Vision was only released in Japan, most of the games were in Japanese language and some of the games might have been translated or modified by third-party developers. Additionally, due to the limited release of the console and its discontinuation in 1985, the library of games available is relatively small.