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Sega WonderMega

1992 - 4th generation system

The Sega WonderMega (also known as the X'Eye in North America) was a console released by Sega in Japan in 1991 and North America in 1992. It was a combination of a Sega Genesis/Mega Drive and a Sega CD, allowing users to play both cartridge-based games and CD-based games on one device. It also featured a built-in FM tuner and a karaoke function, allowing users to play music CDs and sing along with the lyrics displayed on the screen. The WonderMega was not as successful as Sega had hoped, and was only released in a limited number of territories. Some games that were available for the Sega WonderMega, also known as the X'Eye in North America, include: Sonic CD: A platform game featuring Sonic the Hedgehog that was exclusive to the Sega CD. Lunar: The Silver Star: A role-playing game developed by Game Arts and published by Working Designs. Snatcher: A cyberpunk-themed adventure game developed and published by Konami. Popful Mail: An action-adventure game developed and published by Falcom. The Terminator: A rail shooter based on the Terminator film franchise developed by Probe Entertainment and published by Virgin Interactive. Bram Stoker's Dracula: A platformer game developed by Psygnosis and published by Sony Imagesoft. Flashback: The Quest for Identity: A cinematic platformer game developed by Delphine Software and published by U.S. Gold. Keep in mind that the list is not exhaustive, there are many other games that could have been available for the Sega WonderMega depending on the region.