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Acorn Electron

1983 - No generation identified

The Acorn Electron is a home computer developed by Acorn Computers Ltd, which was released in 1983 as a budget version of the company's BBC Micro. The Electron was aimed at the education market, and it was sold at a lower price point than the BBC Micro. The Electron features a 6502A microprocessor and has 32 KB of RAM. It uses the same operating system and BASIC interpreter as the BBC Micro, which allows for compatibility between the two systems. The Electron was also compatible with a wide range of software written for the BBC Micro, including games, educational software, and business applications. The Electron had a built-in cassette tape deck, which was used to save and load programs. It also had a Compact Cassette interface that could be used to connect an external cassette deck or a floppy disk drive. The Electron also featured a composite video output, which allowed for a high-quality display on a television or monitor. The Acorn Electron was popular in the UK, and it was widely used in schools and homes. It was also sold in other countries, including Europe and Australia. The Electron was discontinued in 1991 and was succeeded by the Acorn Archimedes. The Acorn Electron has a small but devoted fan base, and many enthusiasts continue to use and develop software for the system to this day. Some games and applications are still being developed and released for the Electron, thanks to the efforts of these enthusiasts. Some games that were released for the Acorn Electron include: "Elite" - This is a space trading and combat simulation game, considered one of the most influential and groundbreaking games of its time. "Horace Goes Skiing" - This is a simple arcade-style game where the player controls a skier named Horace, trying to avoid obstacles and reach the bottom of the slope. "Jet Set Willy" - This is a platform game where the player controls Willy, trying to collect items and reach the end of each level. "Repton" - This is a puzzle-solving game, where the player must guide the titular character through a series of mazes, collecting diamonds and avoiding monsters. "Trapdoor" - This is an action-adventure game where the player controls the character of Berk, trying to escape a castle and avoid the traps and monsters that are in it. "Elk Attack" - This is a simple arcade game where the player controls a hunter, trying to shoot elk while avoiding obstacles. "3D Starstrike" - This is a 3D space combat game, where the player controls a spacecraft, trying to destroy enemy ships and reach the end of each level. "Underwurlde" - This is an action-adventure game where the player controls a character called Sabreman, trying to escape from a underground maze, while avoiding traps and enemies. It's worth noting that the Acorn Electron had a relatively small library of games compared to other computers of its time, but the games that were released were of high quality, many of them were ports or adaptations of games that were successful on other platforms like the Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum and BBC Micro.