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Nintendo Virtual Boy

1995 - 5th generation system

The Nintendo Virtual Boy is a handheld game console developed and manufactured by Nintendo, released in 1995. It was the first console capable of displaying true 3D graphics. The player viewed the games through a visor, which created the illusion of playing in a virtual reality-like environment. The console was not a commercial success, due in part to its monochromatic display, which caused eye strain and headaches for some players. It was discontinued after less than a year on the market. Only 22 games were released for the Virtual Boy. Some of the games that were released for the Nintendo Virtual Boy include: Mario's Tennis: A sports game featuring the famous Mario characters Red Alarm: A first-person shooter game set in a 3D virtual world Teleroboxer: A fighting game featuring robots Virtual Boy Wario Land: A platformer game featuring Wario, a spin-off character from the Mario series 3D Tetris: A version of the classic puzzle game, with added depth Waterworld: A game based on the post-apocalyptic film of the same name Nester's Funky Bowling: A bowling game featuring characters from the popular Nintendo Power magazine comic strip Mario Clash: A Mario-themed game similar to the Game & Watch title Mario Bros. The Virtual Boy had a small library of games, most of them were ports of other consoles titles and not many of them were well-reviewed. Due to the limited success of the console, only a small number of games were developed for it.