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Commodore C128

1985 - No generation identified

The Commodore C128 is a home computer released by Commodore International in 1985. It was an improved version of the Commodore 64, and was compatible with most software and peripherals made for that computer. The C128 featured a Zilog Z80 microprocessor, which allowed it to run both Commodore 64 and CP/M programs, as well as new C128-specific software. It also featured a built-in 1571 floppy drive, and had more memory than the 64, with 128 kilobytes of RAM. The C128 was also equipped with a hardware-level emulation of the Commodore 64, which allowed it to run most existing Commodore 64 software. Additionally, it had a built-in 80-column text mode, which was useful for business and productivity applications. The C128 was not as successful as the Commodore 64, and it was eventually discontinued in 1989. The reason for this is that it was too expensive for the average consumer and not many software titles were developed for it. Despite this, the C128 had a strong following among enthusiasts and was popular in Europe and the Middle East. It was also used in some small business and educational settings. Some of the games that were released for the Commodore C128 include: Elite: A space trading and combat simulation game, which was one of the most popular games for the C128. Summer Games: A sports game featuring various Olympic-style events such as swimming, diving and track and field. The Great Giana Sisters: An action-adventure game similar to Super Mario Bros, but with a more mature theme. International Karate: A martial arts fighting game, which was one of the first fighting games on the Commodore C128. Lords of Chaos: A strategy game that takes place in a medieval fantasy setting. Winter Games: A sports game featuring various winter sports such as skiing, ice skating and ice hockey. Mayhem in Monsterland: A platform game that follows a monster on a quest to save his homeland. Boulder Dash: A action-puzzle game where the player have to collect gems while avoiding obstacles like falling rocks and monsters. The C128 had a small library of games, most of them were ports of other consoles titles and not many of them were well-reviewed. Due to the limited success of the console, only a small number of games were developed for it.