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Thomson MO5

1984 - No generation identified

The Thomson MO5 is a home computer developed and manufactured by the French company Thomson SA, released in 1983. It was a popular computer in France and other French-speaking countries and sold over 1.5 million units. The MO5 is based on the Zilog Z80A microprocessor and has 64 KB of RAM. It has a built-in cassette tape drive for data storage and a built-in keyboard with a numeric keypad and function keys. It also has a built-in RGB output for connecting to a TV or monitor. The MO5 runs the Thomson OS and supports the Basic programming language. It also supports CP/M and other operating systems that can be loaded from cassette tapes. It also has a built-in extension port and a cartridge port for connecting peripherals such as printers, disk drives, and joysticks. The MO5 was mostly used for educational and home-use. It had a wide range of educational software and games, and also had a BASIC interpreter and a few programming languages. The MO5 also had a strong following among enthusiasts and developers, and several third-party software and hardware were developed for it. The MO5 was discontinued in 1988, but due to its popularity, it has remained a popular machine among vintage computer enthusiasts. Some of the games that were released for the Thomson MO5 include: Arkanoid: A breakout-style game where the player controls a paddle to hit a ball and break blocks Lode Runner: A action-puzzle game where the player controls a character to collect gold and escape from enemies. Donkey Kong: A platform game featuring the famous character from the Mario series. Pac-Man: A classic arcade game where the player controls a yellow character to eat dots and avoid ghosts. Space Invaders: A classic arcade game where the player controls a ship to shoot down alien invaders. Prince of Persia: A action-adventure game where the player controls a prince to rescue a princess from an evil sorcerer. Tetris: A puzzle game where the player rotates and moves blocks to form complete lines. The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy: A platform game featuring a egg-shaped character on a quest to rescue his girlfriend Daisy. Most of the games that were released for the Thomson MO5 were ports of other consoles titles, but there were also some original games made especially for the computer. Due to the popularity of the MO5, many games were developed for it, and it had a good library of games.