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Apple II

1977 - No generation identified

The Apple II (often stylized as Apple ][) was one of the first personal computers produced by Apple Computer, Inc. It was introduced in 1977 and was widely popular during the late 1970s and early 1980s. The Apple II was the first computer that was successful in both the home and business markets. The Apple II was based on the MOS 6502 microprocessor and had a built-in keyboard, color graphics and sound capabilities. The computer came in a variety of models, including the Apple II, Apple II Plus, and Apple IIe. Later models featured improvements such as enhanced graphics and sound capabilities, and the ability to use an external floppy disk drive. The Apple II's software library was extensive and varied, it included the Apple DOS operating system, which was a command-line based system. It also included a variety of productivity software, such as word processors and spreadsheets, and game titles. Many early educational software titles were also developed for the Apple II, making it popular in schools. The Apple II was a popular platform for the development of games, both commercial and hobbyist. It was a key platform for the development of the adventure game genre, with games such as Adventure, Zork and Colossal Cave Adventure. Apple II was also known for its racing and shooting games, such as Choplifter, and Space Invaders. The Apple II was also popular among hobbyists and developers, who used it to create their own software and hardware. The Apple II had an open architecture, which allowed users to easily add new hardware and software to the system, making it one of the most versatile computers of its time. The Apple II's success was a major factor in the development of the personal computer industry, and it was the first computer to have a large and diverse software library. The Apple II was discontinued in 1993, but it had a significant impact on the development of personal computing and many of its innovations can still be seen in modern computers today. The Apple II had a wide variety of games, ranging from simple text-based adventures to more complex graphic-based games. Some popular games for the Apple II include: Adventure - One of the first adventure games, it was a text-based game where the player had to explore a castle and find treasure. Zork - A series of text-based adventure games, it was one of the most popular and influential games for the Apple II. Choplifter - A side-scrolling action game where the player controls a helicopter and must rescue hostages while avoiding enemy fire. Space Invaders - A port of the popular arcade game, it was one of the first games to feature color graphics on the Apple II. Lode Runner - A 2D action-puzzle game, where the player controls a stick figure and must collect all the gold in a level while avoiding guards. Elite - A space trading and combat simulation game. The player starts with a small spaceship and a small amount of money, and must trade or fight their way to the top. Castle Wolfenstein - A stealth-based action game, it was one of the first games to feature a 3D first-person perspective. Oregon Trail - An educational game simulating a journey on the Oregon Trail in the mid-19th century. The player must navigate the trail, dealing with the various obstacles and challenges that they encounter along the way. The Bard's Tale - A fantasy role-playing game featuring turn-based combat and dungeon exploration. Karateka - a martial arts fighting game. it was one of the first games to feature realistic animation and digitized sound. These are just a few examples of the many games that were available for the Apple II. The large and diverse software library of the Apple II made it a popular platform for both commercial and hobbyist game developers. Many of these games were considered classics and paved the way for the future of gaming.