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Atari Lynx

1989 - 4th generation system

The Atari Lynx is a portable video game console developed by Atari Corporation. It was released in 1989 and it was the first portable console with a color display. The Atari Lynx featured a 3.5-inch LCD display with a resolution of 160x102 pixels, which allowed it to display 16 colors. It also featured a unique foldable design and it was powered by a 65C02 processor and had a built-in memory of 128KB. The Atari Lynx was notable for its advanced hardware, which included a built-in accelerometer, a backlit display and a built-in stereo sound. It also had a unique feature, the ability to connect to other Lynx's via a comlynx cable, which allowed players to play multiplayer games. The Atari Lynx had a library of around 75-80 games, which included both original titles and ports of arcade games. Some popular games for the Lynx include: Blue Lightning: A combat flight simulator game Chip's Challenge: A puzzle game Gauntlet III: The Final Quest: A action-RPG game Klax: A puzzle game RoadBlasters: A racing game Despite its advanced hardware and innovative features, the Atari Lynx was not a commercial success. It was criticized for its high price, lack of popular games, and poor battery life. The Lynx was also released at the same time as the Nintendo Gameboy, which was more popular and had a wider library of games. Atari eventually discontinued the Lynx in 1996. The Atari Lynx is now considered a collector's item and is highly sought after by Atari enthusiasts and retro gaming enthusiasts.