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Thomson TO7

1982 - No generation identified

The Thomson TO7 (or Thomson MO5) is a home computer released by the French company Thomson in 1984. Some key features and specifications of the TO7 include: CPU: Zilog Z80A @ 4 MHz RAM: 64 KB ROM: 32 KB Graphic display: 320x200 pixels, with 16 colors Sound: 3 channel beeper Storage: cassette tapes or floppy disks (with optional external drive) Ports: RF output, Composite video, Joystick, Cartridge, RS232, RF modem. The TO7 was widely used in France for education and home computing, and had a large library of software and games in the French language. It was compatible with other Z80-based home computers, and could run CP/M and the Thomson BASIC programming language. The design was updated with a larger keyboard and improved sound capabilities in the later TO7/70 model. Here are some popular games for the Thomson TO7: Lode Runner Elite Tetris Pac-Land Crazy Cars Arkanoid Pitfall II: Lost Caverns The Treasure of Usas Mickey Parade Dungeon Master Boulder Dash Karateka Golden Axe Note: Availability of these games varied depending on the region and language. Most games for the TO7 were written in BASIC or assembly language and were distributed on floppy disks or cassette tapes.